Christmas is Light

Christmas is Light

I think every year most people have a “Christmas is soon” moment; that moment when something triggers in our subconscious mind that reinforces the fact that the season is upon us. For me it hits home when I hear the song “Driving Home For Christmas” by Chris Rea. It’s a great picture song that captures the imagination, especially if we hear it while driving. One line says “I see red lights all around me”. We all identify with sitting in traffic, maybe on a motorway trying to get home to our family.

This song for me switches on a light of Christmas awareness and reminds me of Jesus being born, so that one day He would take my place on the cross to die for my sins, something we celebrate at Easter. Without Christmas there could be no Easter and without Easter there is no need for Christmas. Like me, you may have experienced driving subconsciously while thinking of other things, arriving at your destination with little memory of the journey. Many people go through Christmas like that, completely unaware of the Christ in Christmas. I pray that the light of Christmas switches on in our hearts and minds this Christmas so we can fully know the child who became our Saviour.

In the song, Chris Rea says “I take a look at the driver next to me, he’s just the same”. This paints a picture of us all heading in the same direction because of Christmas. As Christians we are all heading in the same direction, not just home for Christmas but eventually home for eternity. If you’re reading this and you’re not sure that you are on that road, then why not look to Jesus this Christmas and join us on our journey home; there’s plenty of room in the Father’s house. God bless us all this Christmas.


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