The Trap

The Trap

There are many books and films based on people stranded on an island with no food or drink. They have to be clever in ways to catch animals or fish to eat and survive. They set traps to catch land animals, using bait to lure them in, and the same with fish using bait on a line to hook a hungry fish. Either way, for the animal it will mean death, so that the person had something to eat to keep themself fed and alive.

The trap or bait will have to look good, safe, tempting and appear right, otherwise the animal wouldn’t go for it. It needs to look convincing enough that the animal, even if it has a glimmer of doubt, will bypass those doubts or convince itself that everything will be ok. Then your animal is ready for slaughter. 

In many ways sin works just like that; it sets traps for us, convinces us that it is right and even safe, but then when we are not expecting it, when we are set off guard, it traps us, and for many keeps hold of us and even kills us.

The writer of Proverbs wrote that there is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death (16:25 – NIV).

Richard Foster writes in his book ‘Money, Sex and Power’ that no three topics cause more controversy or have greater power to bless or curse. And in a human sense he is right. These become traps to our lives and our souls. They seem wonderful and alluring and with the right boundaries they are, but the devil has packaged them in a way that makes it seem right but actually is a trap.

The theologian and apologist Ravi Zacharias, when speaking a message entitled ‘The Problem of Pleasure’, said “For true pleasure, the price is paid before you enjoy it. For false pleasure, the price is paid after you enjoy it.” In other words, saying no to sin or pleasures first, no matter how difficult, and avoiding any traps on our path that are lit up before us by the Word of God, is more beneficial to us in the long run. When the price is paid before by denying the flesh, the pleasure that follows will be guilt free. Yet, there is a greater price to pay when we give into worldly pleasures as sin results in us being trapped.

Today be encouraged that if you have fallen into a trap set before you, and you feel like you are locked in the bottom of a well and can’t get out, look up to our Saviour Jesus, call out to Him and let Him set you free, and sin no more. Let us all say the prayer that David prayed: “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” Psalm 139:23

Let Him weigh the thoughts and intentions of our hearts and allow Him to change us so that we may avoid any and all traps set in our way.


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